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At Shire House Farm, we are growing a carefully curated range of botanicals which will contribute to a crafted array of aromatic products for you to indulge in and enjoy.

Our family farm on Victoria’s renowned Bellarine Peninsula, provides the perfect growing conditions for our range of natives and international favourites. This doesn’t mean it is easy, however we have committed to ecological and organic principles which helps us to play our small part in delivering a sustainable approach to farming and a clear and tangible provenance for our products.

Whilst the fields and plants establish, our nursery is being put to good use. We currently have a selection of lavender, rosemary, geranium and natives of various sizes for sale and pre-order, and we are busy putting the finishing touches to a couple of products that we pulled together some of the best smells and tastes that we have come across so far.

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Tips for planting

So here we are, ready to plant!  You've got your gardening gloves on, your garden fork or trowel and of course, your plant. To start, it's best to dig a hole that is a bit bigger than the soil part of the pot plant, that way you're not going to squash your plants...

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Welcome to Shire House Farm

The Shire House Farm idea started a few years ago and, like many ideas, has grown and adapted with time. We initially thought to grow lavender in a space that would be a lovely place to spend time with family and friends. As time progressed, so did our ideas. We’ve...

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